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The Process of Quality Control

Maybe you want to know if our factory plan productions properly for customers' orders, by considering purchasing and production lead time, workforces, available capacity, etc., and have means to manage productions in peak seasons and if factory maintains a good record of on-time delivery. Our production team had weekly plans according to sales requests and production capability, more than 90% OTD was achieved.

The factory conducts manufacturing process control via risk-based thinking, e.g. made production control parameter, made relevant controls action etc. But some SMT reflow temperature curve control was not conducted well.

The factory arranged proper materials, equipment, inline check (at interval of 2 hours), 100% full check of visual check and performance test according to the plan. However, 1, Lack of calibration arrangement for some SMT line reflow temperature curve; 2, Lacks solder paste thickness test arrangement and only depends products performances test; 3, for assembling line, no evidence show that IPQC can be conducted timely.

The factory defined necessary manufacturing WI and inspection SOP, reference samples etc to control products release, but as observe, few WI document were not distributed to on-site area, e.g. torque parameter list etc. Quality team conducted FAI inspection per mass production, including visual check, CDF check, function test etc.

The QA defined and implemented FQC SOP to control final products inspection, including sampling plan and AQL, inspection item and method, the disposition process of rejects. FQC inspection items included visual check, electrical performance test, aging test, power test, size test etc. ORT plan follow by customer request in general.

Before shipping goods to customers, we will conduct 100% inspection and AQL Sampling Inspection Standard.

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