Good Quality 10kva Single Phase Silent Diesel Generator


Rated Power(kva): 10

Rated Output Voltage (V) : 230

Frequency(hz): 50

Rated speed(rpm) : 3000

Rated power factor : 0.8(Lag behind)

Rated current(A): 14.4

Insulation class : Class H

Protection class : IP23

Connection mode : Three-phase five-wire system

Unit weight : 150

Unit size : 850/600/800

NoisedB(A) : 69

Fuel consumption (g/KWH) : 208

Start/stop mode : Electric start

Unit overhaul time(H): >10000


Product Detail

Product Tags

Detailed Descriptions

  Diesel Engine

Engine origin


Number of cylinders



inline type

Speed control mode

Electronic speed control

Filtration system

Using the overall change of engine oil,diesel filters and air filters

Muffler and exhaust pipe

Using industrial high noise reduction performance muffler,after the muffler, the unit noise can be reduced by 15 ~ 20dBA

Start mode

12V DC start


Excitation way

A Brush self-excitation

Rotor, stator coil insulation class

Class H

Protection class


Electric power quality


Voltage (V)


Voltage fluctuation rate (%)


The transient voltage regulation rate (%)


The steady-state voltage regulation rate (%)


Voltage stability time


Frequency (RPM)


Frequency fluctuation rate (%)


Frequency transient adjustment rate (%)


Frequency steady adjustment rate (%)

0 ~ 5% (adjustable)

Frequency stability time


Waveform distortion rate


Unit No-load voltage setting range

95% ~ 105% rated voltage

 Follow the machine’s files

Diesel engine specifications

1 piece


Alternator specification

1 piece


Diesel generator set installation, use and maintenance manual

1 piece


Product quality certificate

1 piece



After-sales Service Measures And Methods

  1. After-sales service by the company maintenance service center archiving management, responsible for the control of the organization after-sales service, responsible for the sale of products in the national market major maintenance and emergency services, general maintenance work by the company in all parts of the country’s maintenance service center is responsible for handling;
  2. Adhere to the principle of service: First, take the initiative to door service, dealing with problems in time; the second is positive response to the user’s recommendations; Third, according to the law to deal with quality disputes;
  3. Deal with the user’s mail, calls in time, everywhere for the sake of users;
  4. Do the user quality information feedback well, implement of quality feedback, quality tracking card system;
  5. In the sales of concentrated areas set up product maintenance branches, so that the door service does not exceed 12 hours.
  6. Clear after-sales service content

(1) Provide product operation, maintenance manual;

(2) Provide spare parts, accessories;

(3) Free training for customers and provide 1-2 maintenance of electrical work;

(4) Warranty period of 1 year or 1000 working hours (whichever comes first), there are service stations around the world for IWS (International Warranty Service), all the defects caused by the failure of generator sets manufacturing according to the original warranty implementation, human error operation or others do not follow the original use of maintenance requirements are not within the scope of this quality assurance.

(5) Provide users with product use and improved information in time.

(6) Responsible for the customer to guide the installation and debugging products;

(7) Our company products using direct sales model, according to the rules of international practice business, forming a strong sales network and after-sales service network. The company’s products can be sold throughout the country’s business representatives around the provision of after-sales service. Sales of the products of the company can make commercial office nearby to provide after-sales service all over the country.

After-sales Service Commitment

Our company think that a high-quality generating sets only with high-quality after-sales service,can  make its quality perfect. Our services aim is: “quality assurance credibility, service set up reputation”, we will be through the following services for each customer to resolve the worries:

(Ⅰ)One machine,one file.

  1. Once each unit sold, give it establish a computer file, detailed record of the customer’s address, the phone, the use of units and so on;
  2. Each unit has a record of operation, can be recorded in detail the daily operation of the unit;
  3. After the installation and commissioning of the unit qualified we will allocate the warranty card;
  4. Give each unit design technical maintenance norms, daily maintenance, primary technical maintenance, secondary technical maintenance, three levels technical maintenance and operation and maintenance procedures, regular tracking;

(Ⅱ)Rapid professional maintenance service team

After-sales service team of the company is a collection of numerous technical elite team of professional engineers, equipped with various advanced testing instruments, testing equipment and special tools, providing customers with 24-hour service.

1. Our company provide warranty period of 1 year or 1000 working hours (whichever comes first),time from the date of the equipment installation and debugging to normal calculation, During the warranty period, provided by the company responsible for diesel generating sets professional warranty, guarantee original factory production of accessories;

2. Our company solemnly promised:in the warranty period, received a written notice of customer failure, the maintenance response time of not more than 24 hours, for the general simple fault problems, technical staff through telephone and customer communication to guide the problem; such as by telephone. If can not solve the problem, the technical staff to the fastest time rushed to the scene for customers to troubleshoot, generally not more than 24 hours.

3. Out of the warranty period to provide Lifetime benefits maintenance services;

4. Maintenance personnel on a regular basis for the maintenance of customer units, replacement of conventional accessories; complaints team on a regular basis to inquire about the operation of the unit;

(Ⅲ) Professional training, strong technical force support

1. After-sales service teams regularly receive professional training from Shandong Weichai, Ji Chai, Shangchai, Cummins, Perkins, MAN, IVECO,and obtain a certificate of competency,employment with certificates.

2. Our company is responsible for free training for customers on-site 2-3 operating electrician;

(Ⅳ)Spare parts supply guarantee

Our company in the country are equipped with spare parts warehouse, provided to customers of spare parts are directly from the original random, high quality, price concessions.

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