Boat Strobe Safety Light SOS Signal Light


Product Name: Boat Strobe&Safety Light

Visible Distance: 10miles

Discharge Time: 60hours

Battery: 3C batteries

Only 1 per boat

Candela: 75

Improved flotation keeps the signal higher off the water

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①No more flares – It is safe and easy for family to use, the boat strobe light is a complete compliance kit that fulfills night and day, and audible distress signal requirements; Made in China. The boat strobe light is the new alternative to the traditional red pyrotechnic hand-held distress flare. Projects over the full hemisphere. Search And Rescue aircraft safe. Five thousand hours mean time between failure. 1 SOS signal light = 600 hand held flares. Safe to carry in your back-pack.

②Flashes Coast Guard spec SOS signal for up to 60 hours, many times longer than USCG requirements; batteries included. Visible from all directions simultaneously. Multiple LEDs; More power; visibility and redundancy. Indefinite shelf life with battery changes – 14 year shelf life with supplied batteries.

③Incredibly bright signal is visible up to 10 nautical miles

④Orange distress flag fulfills daytime signal requirement; Quality marine whistle complies with USCG audible signal requirements

⑤Improved flotation keeps the signal higher off the water compared to older models

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