Wireless Smoke&CO Alarm With 10-year Battery

Product Parameters:
Power supply: DC3V built-in lithium battery
Standby current: 5uA
Alarm current: <60mA
Alarm mode: sound and light (buzzer & red LED)
Low voltage threshold: 2.6V
Alarm sound intensity: >85dB
CO alarm concentration: 70ppm: 60~240min
150ppm: 10~50min
400ppm: 4~15min

Product Detail

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Certificate: UL

Function description:

1. Test

Press and hold the TEST button, the product enters the test state, if the function is normal, the red light will flash and the buzzer will sound, and the action mode is the same as the alarm mode; if the function abnormal, the red light will flash twice or three times slowly without buzzer The device tweets.

2. Alarm

Smoke is detected every 6seconds. If the alarm threshold is reached, the alarm is detected 6 times at a speed of 1S each time, and the red light flashes. After the alarm condition is confirmed 6 times, a "di di di" alarm is issued, accompanied by a red light flashing. Detect that the CO concentration reaches the corresponding PPM value, and send out a "dididi" alarm within the corresponding time, accompanied by a red light flashing.

3. Mute

In alarm state, press the HUSH button to turn off the buzzer and only flash the red LED light.

4. Low voltage alarm

When the voltage is below 2.6V, two short sound alarms will be emitted every 60S.

5. Ten-year end of life alarm

At the end of its life, the red LED will flash twice every 60S without the buzzer.

6. Normal work

The green LED flashes quickly every 60 seconds.

7. Application

Smoke alarms are a good way to protect our lives. It can be used in many places: hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, warehouses, restaurants and other places. It is more and more important in our life.

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